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Bankruptcy law

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Bankruptcy law is a part of civil law. Its purpose is providing relative satisfaction of the debtor’s creditors if the debtor does not have sufficient assets to satisfy his own creditors in full.

Our services in this area of law

  • Analysis of risks arising from the possibility of bankruptcy proceeding,
  • Analysis of risks arising from the possibility of recovery proceeding,
  • Preparation of the application and recovery of debts in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • Recovery of companies in crisis,
  • Advising and representation of liquidators and creditors of companies in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings,
  • Preparation and submission of applications for bankruptcy,
  • Representation in incidental proceedings (proceedings connected with bankruptcy law), as well in proceedings for a declaration of ineffectiveness of a legal act and in proceedings for the exclusion of property from the inventory,
  • debt relief of the company.

We provide services of trustee as well, for more information please see www.spravcovska.sk.

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