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We’re experienced team of lawyers and attorneys at law from Chicago. We provide all kinds of legal services and you may be sure to win all cases with our help.

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Civil law

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Civil law is a general branch of private law. This sector regulates the law in relation to the citizen, e.g. family law, property law, inheritance law and contract law. It deals mainly with fulfilment of civil rights, freedoms and the protection of personality and property. Civil law regulates the basic relations between citizens, natural and legal persons. Relations in civil law are result of free will.

Our services in this area of law

  • Elaboration, analysis and commenting of all types of contracts according to provisions of Civil Code,
  • Representation in negotiations regarding all types of contracts regulated by Civil Code,
  • Procedural representation of clients before courts and state bodies (dispute and non- dispute proceedings),
  • Enforcement of claims for caused damage and for unlawful enrichment,
  • Enforcement of insurance claims,
  • Protection of property rights,
  • Legal advice on relations concerning the ownership of flats and non- residential premises,
  • Legal advice and registration of trademarks, patents, utility models and other intellectual property rights,
  • Negotiation of content and conditions of out-of-court settlements,
  • Consumer law,
  • Legal advice on dissolution and settlement of joint co-ownership of spouses, elaboration of necessary documents, ,
  • Legal advice and procedural representation in proceedings for review of the legality of decisions of administrative bodies by courts.
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