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Law of securities

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A security is a document which embodies property right or another legal claim of the person who owns the document against the person who issued it. The creation, duration, performance, transfer and termination of a legal claim are linked to this security.

Our services in the area of legal practice

  • Issue of securities,
  • Transfer of securities,
  • Redemption of securities,
  • Establishment of lien on securities,
  • Subscription of shares and change of their form,
  • Representation before the central depository of securities,
  • Law of trade bills and check law,
  • Recovery of trade bills debts,
  • Commercial representation and disputes arising from commercial representation,
  • Preparation and arrangement of loan documentation in connection with security contracts,
  • Legal representation in licensing and other proceedings before National Bank of Slovak Republic concerning the supervision of banking, insurance and capital market,
  • Due diligence and assessment of foreign banking and leasing documents in accordance with law of Slovak republic,
  • Preparation and assessment of internal regulations and general business conditions of banks and insurance companies,
  • Preparation and assessment of leasing contracts,
  • Preparation of loan contracts or similar banking agreements,
  • Preparation and implementation of security mechanisms for loan or similar contracts that have already been concluded,
  • Preparation of contracts of debt transfer,
  • Complex recovery of debts and other claims from loan or other contracts.
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